Eat that frog with Pomodoro

It is the problem of many people including me that they procrastinate every work in daily life until the danger zone reaches. I set up my routine and make my to do list but usually I don’t come up to fulfill all of them. One reason of my procrastination is distraction itself. I always distracted by the social media like you tube and Whatsapp. But procrastination goes away on its own as I become nearer and nearer to the deadline.

daily cycle of every procrastinator

So I can relate this daily cycle with me as I postpone my tasks to next time to next time and that time only comes just some hours before the deadline.

In my course of Amal Academy, I came to know about the Pomodoro technique. To be honest, I was unaware of it. So I decided to try this out and see how effectively it works.

I have to make my presentation which was assigned to me about 3 weeks ago. As usual whenever I decide to make it, another distraction welcomed me and urge me to do it later as I have a lot of time. So today after learning the Pomodoro technique, I decided to implement it on my presentation preparation. I can explain this technique by the following figure;

steps of pomodoro technique

I set up a timer of 25 minutes to collect the data and I was not expecting that I could do it in a 25 minutes. But surprisingly, I come with my required data. So as a reward, I give a break to myself and ate a pack of cocomo to fresh my mood.

So again I set up a timer of 40 minutes and started making presentation according to the collected data. In this time I make 70% of the total slides and then after 40 minutes, my phone bell reminds to take some rest now. When I was making presentation I remembered I have to watch a drama but I note it down and continue my work. Although It was difficult but I did it. So as a reward for my focusing work, I watched that drama of 40 minutes in 15 minutes by increasing the playback speed to 1.75 x.

Then I set up my timer of about 25 minutes to make the rest of the slides. So in almost 2 hours I prepared my presentation without stress. I feel very productive and confident because it cope up with my never ending tension to do this task. So definitely I would apply this technique in my other tasks either household or educational.

I would recommend everybody to apply this technique to the tasks you feel difficult don’t take courage to start. When you will do by Pomodoro, you will love your work as well as this technique.